Sour jack Strain

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Sour Jack Strain is a hybrid cannabis strain that combines Sour Diesel and Jack Herer for a balanced, uplifting high.



Sour Jack Strain is a popular hybrid strain with a sativa-dominant profile. This strain is a cross between Sour Diesel and Jack Herer, creating a unique and potent blend of flavors and effects.

What is Sour Jack Strain

Sour Jack is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. This strain is known for its uplifting effects and is a great choice for those looking for a boost in energy and creativity. The buds are typically light green in color and are covered in a thick layer of trichomes.

Sour Jack Strain Grow Information

Sour Jack is a relatively easy strain to grow and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. This strain prefers a warm, dry climate and can produce high yields if grown properly. The flowering time for Sour Jack is typically around 8-10 weeks, and the plants can grow to be quite tall if not trained properly.


Sour Jack is a cross between two popular strains, Sour Diesel and Jack Herer. This combination creates a unique blend of flavors and effects that are sure to please even the most discerning cannabis connoisseurs.


Sour Jack has a pungent and sour aroma that is reminiscent of its parent strains. The smell is often described as earthy and skunky, with a hint of citrus and diesel fuel.


The flavor of Sour Jack is similar to its aroma, with a sour and skunky taste that is complemented by a sweet and citrusy undertone. The smoke is smooth and flavorful, making it an enjoyable strain to smoke.


Sour Jack buds are typically light green in color and are covered in a thick layer of trichomes. The buds are often quite dense and are covered in orange hairs.

Sour Jack Strain Price Compared

The price of Sour Jack can vary depending on your location and the dispensary you visit. However, in general, Sour Jack tends to be priced similarly to other popular hybrid strains.

Medical Uses of Sour Jack Strain

Sour Jack is often used for its medicinal properties, particularly for those suffering from depression and anxiety. This strain can also be helpful for those suffering from chronic pain, as it can provide a sense of relaxation and relief.

Effects of Sour Jack Strain

Sour Jack is known for its uplifting and energizing effects. This strain can help to improve your mood and increase your focus and creativity.

Positive Effects

The positive effects of Sour Jack include increased energy and focus, improved mood, and a sense of creativity and productivity.

Side Effects

Like any strain of cannabis, Sour Jack can have some negative side effects. Some users have reported experiencing anxiety or paranoia after smoking this strain, and it can also cause dry mouth and dry eyes.

Sour Jack Strain Related Strains

Sour Jack is a unique strain, but there are several other strains that are similar in their effects and flavor profile. Some popular related strains include Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, and Super Sour Diesel.


Overall, Sour Jack is a popular and potent hybrid strain that is loved by many in the cannabis community. With its unique blend of flavors and energizing effects, it’s easy to see why this strain has gained so much popularity in recent years. If you’re looking for a sativa-dominant hybrid that will give you a boost of energy and creativity, Sour Jack is definitely worth a try.

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